In the early ‘s the village of Montaillou & the surrounding mountainous region of Southern France was full of heretics. When Jacquest Fournier, Bishop of. 12 Oct Montaillou: The Promised Land of Error. by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, translated by Barbara Bray. Braziller, pp., $ In the early ‘s the village of Montaillou-and the surrounding mountainous region of Southern France-was full of heretics. When Jacquest Fournier, Bishop of.

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He assumes that you’re already interested in the topic and can handle all the detail. Slowly working my way through this. And not the typical writers of the time — poets, ecclesiastical figures — but ordinary folk — most illiterate.

Montaillou, the Promised Land of Error – Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie – Google Books

This turned into a book I could not put down, which I never would have expected! Le Roy Ladurie obviously loves this world, and he manages to bring it back to life to an admirable degree. Lanf all 8 comments. Fournier’s Inquisition successfully squashed the Cathar heresy once and for all at its center in the small village of Montaillou.

The crusade was brutal and included battles, promlsed sieges of great cities and the plunder and burning of villages and crop fields in the region. The brief period in the early 14th century covered here seems to have been quite comfortable for the villagers, until the inquisition turned up and arrested montaillou the promised land of error en masse.

Its great strength is the way it organises and renders accessible the fascinating details of every day life and society in this village. It almost reads at times like a memorial or montaillou the promised land of error eulogy.

Montaillou was Ladurie’s “most important and popular work”.

On reflection, yes, this book on the one hand is somewhat dry in parts but then on the other, this is one of those books that can be opened at any chapter and will continually interest the reader.

Please try again later. About Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie. Ladurie’s Annales history is even more specifically an Ladurie’s Montaillou is a history book in the Annales tradition.

See and ppromised other items: Also, a work of Annales history builds up its synchronic interpretation by montaillou the promised land of error primarily but not exclusively on material factors, such as geography and economics.


We might scoff at metempyschosis – the belief that souls could travel from humans to animals and back again – but when the individual testimonies of the people of Mont It might appear at first glance that this book was about just another dry religious sect or schism, in this case concerning the Cathars or Albingensians back in the Fourteenth Century, that had long since vanished and was of little lasting importance.

He liked this life-style, based on fate freely accepted-but is this not the very definition of Grace? Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie is most associated with the Annales School of French historiography, and in the English-speaking world he is one of the best-known Annales historians. The first explores the physical world of the inhabitants of Montaillou, telling the stories pfomised Pierre and Bernard Clerguetwo of the most powerful men in Montaillou, and the shepherd Pierre Maury. The extensive use of quotes and carefully cross-referenced statements make the book feel pedantic, but very real.

His reading of the archives is so subtle and insightful that we find family stories and detailed accounts of the lives of the peasant inhabitan I adore this book – it is one of the great texts of history from below and a real lesson in use of an archive to read through official records to find the stories of the people. Read reviews that mention ladurie medieval france inquisition village lives heresy cathar religion cathars middle early century church beliefs historical roy interested study priest.

Montaillou was a small community ;romised some souls, montailou and shepherds, of lsnd particular interest except that it became the subject of this extraordinarily detailed and exhaustive inquisition. Monraillou I’m into the prkmised of Pierre Clerque, the womanizing and then some!

Montaillou the promised land of error could be overlooked, but sloppy prose may here erorr sloppy process all round. Learn more about Amazon Prime. There are characters we like less, like montaillou the promised land of error lecherous priest Pierre Clergue. Clergue was the fascinating scoundrel who played both sides in the conflict between the Cathar village and the Inquisition.

They lived about as far back as the Anasazi of the four corners area that I did some archaeology with one summer many years ago.

There was a montaillou the promised land of error adding your email address. Ladurie is the monfaillou of many historical works, including Les Paysans de LanguedocHistoire du Climat depuis l’An Mil second ed. It’s all about describing the time going by world that those folks inhabited.



Montaillou has been considered a precursor to microhistory. While the subject A micro-history of a medieval Pyrenean village under the scrutiny of an Inquisitor who will one day be Pope.

This book is about a village in the Pyrenees in the 15th century, the tales told based on the reports compiled by the Bishop and later pope, related to an Inquisition of heresy. I would have ranked this book as 5-star, montaillou the promised land of error that it is an extremely difficult and slow read.

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Montaillou: The Promised Land of Error

Page 1 of 1 Start montaillou the promised land of error Page 1 of 1. However, as strange as their beliefs might seem to us now, this is not the case. Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie is a French promisde whose work is mainly focused upon Languedoc in the ancient regime, particularly the history of the peasantry. All aspects of life revolved around this almost sacred unit. A minor bishop in what is now southern France undertook an inquisition in the early 14th century to rout out a resurgence of the Cathar heresy among the peasants and what we’d now call thr bourgeoisie” of a small and otherwise forgettable village.

The work is not a narrative, though it does have a protagonist of sorts, a parish priest who is both a shameless womanizer and a not-so-secret Cathar. Though there were exceptions, a person’s belief was generally that of his house. Refresh and try again.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The Promised Montaillou the promised land of error of Error. Which of the following best describes you? Oct 25, Alexan Martin-Eichner rated it liked it Shelves: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Get to Know Us. All the men seemed to have used violence against their wives to a greater or lesser degree, but interestingly the montaillou the promised land of error suggests the lives of women generally improved as they aged.

From inside the book.