To download the MG3 manual, right click the image of the manual and choose ” save target as”. mb format. You will need to install Adobe Reader to. 29 May OK, I have it on the website now. This latest manual is made for the MG1/MG2, which of course means the MG42 as well. It’s now in English and. I have an mg42 coming, is there anywhere online that might have a manual showing basic operations?.

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Includes 3 cutaway drawings and dozens of pictures.

Complete description and operation of the ground tripod including the setup and mechanics of the Mg42 manual Fire Device. Even the magazines were different and not interchangeable. This manual contains nothing about the variable speed trigger system. This was originally published in and was reprinted with mg42 manual in An English translation of the East German armorer’s tool kit manual which tells how to use the tools, with supplemental pictures showing many of the tools in use.

This manual and the M. If that didn’t fix it, mg42 manual gun went back to the manufacturer. It is pages, with 5 tables fold-outs at the end.

WH Manual “Das MG42”

The manual has 68 pages. Originally 93 pages of excellent information explaining the operation and use of the mg42 manual common gun in the world, it has been reformatted wasted space removed to 68 pages at 8.

Please reference “MP5 Operator” on your order. As with the MG 08 manual, this manual contains the original German name, and right under it is the Mg42 manual translation.

As part of the well known Denckler series of manuals, it contains a full description of operation, disassembly, the Lock 08 mg42 manual 16, with 13 pages devoted to the causes and clearance of stoppages.


One fold-out page at the rear of the book is a 16″ view of the Manuak with parts listed, the other is a 13″ view of the PK Lafette ground mount. No registered mg42 manual and 0 guests.

This is a fine, late war manual, dated Sept. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I used to do that in my high school math class. There isn’t a lot of information about the gun itself covered in this manual that isn’t cover in the later manuals that I’ve done.

Try one and see. For Glass Slide Series a mg42 manual b. This is an operating manual is for the German 5 cm light mortar. This manual contains information that simply isn’t in any other manual, and is without a doubt worth mg42 manual purchase price.

This is a very thorough combined manual for the most famous German machine pistol. I guess mg42 manual don’t have enough M60s left mnual go around, which I’m sure he’d rather have than the G.

WH Manual “Das MG42”

Paperback, 50 manhal with operation and description of use, maintenance, and sub-assembly diagrams. It mg42 manual from CAI. This manual is the mate to the M.

mg42 manual Please reference “Indirect Aiming” on your order. The first edition of this manual was dated March 15, Recharging and firing the next cartridge will cause quite a mess.

mg42 manual An outstanding value, this manual also covers the MG3 plastic drum mg42 manual clip-on belt box, the mg42 manual feed tray, the blank firing device and training cartridge device. The picture on page 19 below shows the muzzle brake on the MG.


Description, Operation, and Handling. A very detailed manual about how the machinegun works, showing and naming individual parts, accessories, and mounts. This manual has 6 color illustrations with explanations of how the trigger system works in semi and full auto modes. This manual has information about operation of the telescopic sight, the Lafette, what the M. If you’re building a semi-auto MG42 or have a parts kit, PDV above should also be one of your choices. It isn’t mg42 manual a book full of pictures, rather it is an operator’s manual, with a heavy emphasis on illustrating the steps explained.

Russian MG34 & MG42 manuals – Forgotten Weapons

I haven’t seen the exploded pictures anywhere else. Not extremely detailed as this is not a full manual.

The Germans had a sets of slides they’d show to the troops for training on the Manuql A good supplement, but mg42 manual a replacement for a fully detailed manual. Even if you don’t own the gun, this is a fascinating look at the complicated internal operation mg42 manual this anti-tank cannon.

If you bought a parts mg42 manual and want to know what you have, what you’re missing, and how it all goes together and works, this is the manual to have. This also contains troubleshooting tables, while the overshooting tables are in the Appendices. Please reference “MG08 Picture Book” on your order. New MG42 Manual just finished – now on my website Look here for sites to buy or sell something?

Please reference “HDv ” on your mg42 manual.